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My first post.

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Well, here we go ....

The website is published at last! It has been a long, hard task and it's not finished yet - far from it.

They say that everyone has a book in them; well, creating a plant catalogue is a lot like writing a book, except there is no plot, the characters have all been written about before and the only 'start, middle and end' is an A to Z. OK, so it's nothing like writing a proper book at all but it's probably as close as I will ever come.

One thing I have had to do in common with authors, is research. Many of the plants we hope to offer for sale have been grown by us for years, others are recent newcomers to the nursery, but they all need describing accurately - height, soil preference, flower colour and time of year, other preferences, hints and tips, etc., etc.

I like to think that I know my plants quite well but where I have really struggled is in describing colours. A red flower - or is it crimson, claret, pillar-box red or ruby-red?  Or my favourite - vermillion! I love the word vermillion but I'm not even sure if I have dared use it because I'm not entirely sure how it compares to other shades of red.

I hope to have every plant we offer shown in a photograph but often the camera cannot quite catch the exact colour. Maybe it's the camera or the quality of the light - or, more likely, the fact that I have never been 'into' photograph. Many of my photographs are ..... let me be honest - rubbish! But they will have to do for now. Better a poor photo' than no photo'?

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  1. Norma burns

    Very interesting and with lots of tips will be ordering some alpine skiing soon am in middle of preparing my planter,thanks for your advice best wishes for the future.

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  2. derek mathews

    well I enjoyed reading all your compents, have had a fair number of ailmentsover the last few years but after being married for 52 years and being 75 I have come to expect I cannot do thing as fast as I did hope you and yours have a happy new year for 2015

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  3. Jan

    Great website, can't wait until its up and running. Have purchased your alpines in the past and have always been top quality plants.

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