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The Distance Selling Regulations

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Changes to the Distance Selling Regulations came into effect today and these will affect us, like every online business. The DSRs are now replaced by the Consumer Contract Regulations. We believe our website is already largely compliant but one or two new changes have been needed. We must now tell customers how they can cancel an order, so we have added a section to our 'Thank You for Your Order' email customers receive after ordering explaining that.

The updated regulations give new rights to consumers buying online, especially regarding returning unwanted goods - you can now return goods up to 14 days from when you receive them, even if you simply change your mind. That's a major obligation on businesses. You won't find many online businesses discussing this topic - and for good reason! This is a very grey area for us, but we believe we can be excluded from this part of the legislation if plants are considered perishable - don't water the pots for 14 days and you will see just how perishable! We're not trying to duck out of our obligations in any way - far from it - we're simply trying to comply as best we can to the letter (and the spirit) of the law. And that's not easy, especially when HM government's own website gives contradictory advice on how we should comply. We might have to contact Trading Standards for advice but I'm somehow doubtful that even they will have a definitive answer. 

We always try to be very fair and open with our customers, and really, we have had very few problems. Sure, we have had disgruntled customers contact us to say their plants haven't arrived - and nothing makes my heart sink more than those emails! We have left plants out of a customer's order by mistake and we have mis-labelled a plant or two, but we resolve those problems. We are hoping to side-step any bigger problems - not by avoiding legislation but simply by doing good business. And we will be using the same set of regulations as our customers!

I expect we will all be reading more about the effects of the new Consumer Contact Regulations in the days and months to come.