How to buy

A quick summary:

  • We normally accept orders from 9.00am Thursday to 9.00pm Sunday - at other times we disable the 'Add to Basket' feature
  • Orders received are delivered Wednesday to Friday (Tuesday dispatch)
  • We don't take pre-orders or back orders for Out of Stock items
  • We update availability weekly on a stock control system - if plants are showing as available, then they're available
  • Our system shouldn't allow you to order what we don't have

Please note -

IF we reach our limit of orders we may need to 'close' the online shop early. We do this by disabling the 'Add to Basket' function. You may still view our range, you just won't be able to purchase at this time. 

We hope that closing our website early will only happen occasionally. We stop receiving further orders on Sunday evenings - this allows us time to process and pack orders.

Our ordering process:

Ordering is fairly standard website practice and it shouldn't cause you any difficulties - we have tried to make it as easy as possible within the confines of the systems we use. Remember, we're a husband and wife outfit, not a multi-national company!

  • Select plants by clicking the Add to Basket button. You may adjust the number in the Quantity Box
  • When finished with your selections, check your Basket and Proceed to Payment as usual.
  • Don't rush through the checkout/payment pages - your details need to be entered accurately, most especially your email address.
  • If your order is processed and payment accepted, you must receive a confirmation of your order by email - no confirmation, no order! This is standard online practice. Payments can and do fail for various reasons, compliance and technical. It may appear you have placed an order - you may even have an order number - but until the payment processes, your order isn't final.