We take the greatest care when preparing and packing your plants - we have never had plants damaged in transit. We send out all our plants still in their pots, just as we lift them from the nursery and customers are frequently amazed when their plants arrive with barely a single piece of grit disturbed.

We use recycled packing materials - we wrap the plants in newspaper and secure with rubber bands, then pack them into strong boxes. We source clean, once-used boxes and pack between the plants with more newspaper. The only plastic we use is the packing tape to close the boxes, a small polythene bag to protect your paper receipt and box label, and the plastic plant label - everything else is re-used and further recyclable and/or compostable.

Plastic plant pots are our only 'downfall'. We use traditional, hard plastic pots which can't be easily recycled, although some councils will accept them. However, they can be re-used over and over many times. We would love to move over to recycled plastic pots (which are easily furher recycable) but it's not as easy as it may at first appear, sadly.